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Tenex foot surgery in Winter Haven

Winter Haven foot surgeon
Winter Haven foot surgeon

Millions of Americans experience foot pain on a daily basis. The pain may stem from their Achilles tendon, heel, or plantar fascia. At Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, our Winter Haven foot surgeon performs a procedure called Tenex that can help alleviate soft tissue damage in the foot. It is minimally invasive and can help to heal issues so the patient can enjoy quality of life again. Done under local anesthesia, we mildly sedate the patient before using a microscopic tool to cut and remove diseased tissue from the foot in a painless procedure.

The cause of tendon pain can be due to many different reasons. Overuse, repetitive movements and sports can all contribute to fascia pain and complications. A trip, fall or twist can also harm the tendon. If the tissue becomes unhealthy it can restrict blood flow and impair healing. Scar tissue can form and build up, causing pain and limiting range of motion. Our Winter Haven foot surgeon can use a specific frequency to locate healthy vs scar tissue, with diagnostic ultrasound. The entire procedure only takes about 15 minutes and involves only very minor swelling afterwards. The patient feels no pain and recovery time is reduced to only a couple of weeks. Recovery time with regular foot surgery is usually a couple of months, so the Tenex procedure is ideal for patients who want to get back to their activities as soon as possible.

Our Winter Haven foot surgeon is there for you and all of your foot needs. We know how important it is for our patients to be pain free and to have full range of motion so that they can enjoy their everyday life activities. If you are suffering from ankle and foot pain, call us today for more information about our exciting and new groundbreaking medical procedures.

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