Winston foot fracture

Winston Foot Fracture

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Got a little over zealous on the basketball court (or any other sporting activity) and now you’re experiencing excruciating pain with each stride? Uh oh. Sounds like you might want to get that checked out. Depending on the severity, it could possibly be a foot fracture. Nothing you want to play around with. Reach out to Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center. Then you can finally overcome that crippling Winston foot fracture.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so—you will, too. The last thing you want to do is ignore the problem. This is a surefire way of setting yourself up for a world of pain and health complications further down the line. And why put yourself through all of that if you don’t need to? Exactly. Some of the most common symptoms of foot fractures include: swelling, bruising, throbbing pain, discomfort that increases with activity, deformity, tenderness, and difficulty bearing weight. When is it usually time to see a professional? Usually if any number of these symptoms hasn’t lessened or completely healed after an extended time period, you’ll definitely want to make it a point to reach out to a professional as soon as possible. Every second is crucial, after all. Common causes of foot fractures include: falls, car accidents, impact from a heavy weight, overuse, and missteps. So how do you get started on the path toward getting better? Easy. Make it a point to contact Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, so you can finally get that Winston foot fracture taken care of.

Plain and simple. Take the first step by picking up the phone and calling Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center. Or shoot our office an e-mail—that works, too. After that, his friendly staff will help you schedule an appointment and let our professionals treat your Winston foot fracture.

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