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Warts Removal in Winter Haven Fl

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Foot care in Winter Haven Fl

Warts removal in Winter Haven Fl
Warts removal in Winter Haven Fl

It is not uncommon to get warts on your foot. If you have a wart or other growth on your foot you want to visit us at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center. Our expert foot doctors, Dr. Tatiana A. Wellens-Bruschayt and Dr. Maria T. Jaramillo-Dolan, can perform warts removal in Winter Haven Fl to solve your foot’s wart problem.

It is very common for patients to get plantar warts on their feet. Sometimes these warts can become quite painful. Plantar warts are caused by a virus which generally enters the skin through a small cut or abrasion. When warts appear on the sole of your feet, they are properly called plantar warts. Teenagers are extremely susceptible to getting warts, especially when compared to adults. Most warts are completely harmless, but they can be so painful that they need to be treated immediately. Treatment will also help to prevent the spread this viral infection. Sometimes the patient will think that a wart is actually a corn or callous. You will also want to visit our foot doctor to make sure that the wart is not a more serious lesion including a carcinoma or melanoma. Rarely, these conditions can sometimes be mistaken for warts. Warts can be very resistant to treatment, and do have a tendency to reoccur. Our doctors will be able to perform warts removal in Winter Haven Fl and have your foot feeling better soon. It is important that warts are treated because they can grow to as large as an inch in size, and they can even spread into clusters of warts. When wart removal is performed at our practice, the patient will receive a local anesthetic to make sure that the procedure is comfortable for them.

For an appointment to visit our foot doctor for appropriate diagnosis of a foot problem, or for warts removal in Winter Haven Fl, simply contact our office today.

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