Nail surgery in Winter Haven

Nail Surgery in Winter Haven

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Nail surgery in Winter Haven
Nail surgery in Winter Haven

If you notice anything abnormal about your toenails, you should see a podiatrist like ours at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center for an evaluation. There are common deformities of toenails such as a wide nail plate that can predispose it to grow into the skin and an excessively curved toenail that could possibly require Nail surgery in Winter Haven.

Although surgery is always the last resort, surgery is commonly performed for toenail deformities. Before the podiatrist recommends Nail surgery in Winter Haven, he or she will try non-surgical treatment options first if possible. If the non-surgical treatment options are not effective or could not be considered due to the severity of the case, your podiatrist will then recommend surgical procedures. Surgery will typically be recommended if you have a significant problem or have frequent occurrences of infections. It is important to understand all of the possible complications of the surgery before you choose to get it. Each case is different and therefore, you’ll need to discuss your concerns with your podiatrist. Toenails grow back and so instead of removing the entire toenail, what’s typically done is the problematic portion of the nail is removed and then a strong, chemical phenol is applied to prevent the toenail from re-growing. If an ingrown toenail has been there for a long period of time, there is usually a buildup of excess tissue that appears red. This is called hyper granulation tissue which is a result of an overreaction to the infection or irritation. This will have to be removed during the operation. There are many benefits from the operation which include: less discomfort, less episodes of infection, easier walking and an easier shoe choice.

To learn more about Nail surgery in Winter Haven, contact our office. We’ll gladly set up a consultation for you.

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