Nail Surgery in Winter Haven

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Podiatrist office in Winter Haven

Nail surgery in Winter Haven
Nail surgery in Winter Haven

Any type of foot surgery should be performed only by a qualified and experienced specialist. That’s why we at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center offer the valuable service of our nail surgery in Winter Haven. Depend on us for the skilled care that you demand and deserve.

Ingrown toenails and those toenails infected with fungus are two common examples of why you would need to take advantage of our nail surgery in Winter Haven. In the case of ingrown nails, they occur when for various possible reasons, your nail grows into instead of over your skin. It can be uncomfortable or even very painful. And the area can become infected. It’s very important that you trim your nails properly; square them off rather than rounding them. You should also avoid footwear that is too tight around the toe area. The above are typical reasons why ingrown nails can develop. When the problem recurs, our nail surgery in Winter Haven is in order. It’s done under local anesthesia, on an outpatient basis, right here at our office. The procedure involves the removal of the nail. The same method is sometimes used in addressing fungal nails, which can form on their own, or as a side-effect of an underlying fungal issue, typically athlete’s foot. Fungus can spread beyond the foot area, and while medication is often used for treatment, removal of the nail is sometimes needed. In both cases, you can be certain that your nail will grow back in time. You are not losing it forever. And you are getting the best possible care from our podiatrist.

Our nail surgery in Winter Haven is never the first option, but it is used when it is expected to produce the results that you need, and to keep your toes (and your feet) healthy. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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