Nail surgery in Winston

Nail Surgery in Winston

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Nail surgery in Winston

Here at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, we strive to use the most effective and least invasive methods when it comes to treating the conditions and injuries that affect your feet and the surrounding area. When you do need surgery, though, such as on your toenails to address fungus, it’s done with expert care, and thanks to laser technology, it’s safe, comfortable, and provides outstanding results.

Toenail fungus may develop on its own, or it may be a side-effect from athlete’s foot. Either way, the way it manifests is similar. The effect poses a threat to your health, but it’s also a cosmetic issue. You are likely to experience splitting, cracking, and yellowing of one or more nails. Infection may follow, and if so then there are serious possible complications that can follow. Don’t wait it out. Fungal nails need help, and that may mean our skilled nail surgery in Winston. In mild cases, topical medication is often sufficient to achieve the desired outcome. However, laser surgery has the advantage of being free of pain. You might notice a warming sensation, but that’s about it. And that only means that the treatment is working. It may take more than one session to get the full effect, but that will be dependent on various factors, including the severity of the fungus encroachment on your toenails. The best news of all is that you can expect up to 100% fungus removal. Recovery time is minimal, and you can walk right away. Full regrowth of the nails takes a few months.

Our nail surgery in Winston may be the perfect solution for you, so please reach out to us today and let us set up an appointment for you to come in. After a brief examination, our foot doctor will determine if it is the correct approach for you.

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