Foot care Winter Haven

Foot Care Winter Haven

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Diagnosing and treating heel pain in Winter Haven

Foot care Winter Haven
Foot care Winter Haven

Heel pain, regardless of the reason for it, tends to make it uncomfortable to do anything, even standing up in the worst cases. At Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, we’re your specialists for diagnosing and treating heel pain.

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. The tissue that connects your toes to to your heel bone, the plantar fascia, becomes strained and may even develop small tears. The result is swelling, irritation, and inflammation. Another type of pain in that area derives from heel spurs, calcium deposits that form on the underside of the heel bone, most often due to the strain of a muscle or ligament. Heel spurs may develop by themselves, or in conjunction with plantar fasciitis. Our foot care in Winter Haven is dedicated to determining the diagnosis, which will point the way toward the most appropriate treatment method. In order to be sure, our podiatrist performs a through foot examination and will usually take x-rays to confirm the findings revealed through a physical checkup. Typically, our foot care in Winter Haven will recommend an orthotic, or shoe insert, as the fist option in treatment. Others include stretching exercises, physical therapy, and sometimes anti-inflammatory medication. If the above methods do not prove to be effective, or are insufficient to achieve the level of results you need, surgery may be considered. It is also a good idea to consider more supportive and comfortable footwear, which is useful in promoting healing now, and preventing recurrences later.

Heel pain can get worse, and you can sustain more severe harm if you do not seek out our foot care in Winter Haven in a timely fashion. So contact our office right now and let us set up a convenient time for you to come in for an examination.

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