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Toenail surgery in Florence Villa

Florence Villa podiatrist
Florence Villa podiatrist

It’s reassuring to know that most problems that happen to your foot, ankle, or toes can be remedied non-invasively. That is always our goal here at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center. However, when surgery is required, such as to remove a fungal toenail, you can depend on our Florence Villa podiatrist as your specialist.

How do you get a fungal toenail in the first place? Typically, small cuts in the skin surrounding your toenail or the opening between the nail and nail bed can invite fungus in. Foot issues that are caused by fungi include athlete’s foot as well as fungal nails. It is the toenail that is the more challenging one to treat, however. You will probably detect the appearance of your toenail changing to a yellowish-white color, growing thicker, or separating from the skin. Unfortunately, fungus love moist, warm environments and that describe our feet very well. Such infections are easily transmittable among people, especially through walking barefoot in public showers or pools; or by touching towels or other items used by someone with a fungal infection. Our Florence Villa podiatrist will consider treatments such as a topical or oral anti-fungal medication for your toenail, but if that does not work or is not sufficient to bring about the desired results, the solution will be toenail surgery. The entire nail or part of it is removed in this procedure. It can be done on an outpatient basis, with local anesthesia used to ensure that you are not too uncomfortable. Your nail will grow back, but it usually takes from 12 to 18 months to do so.

Turn to our Florence Villa podiatrist for help with toenail surgery when necessary. It is vital to have fungal toenails evaluated and treated because the infection could affect the neighboring toenails and skin, leading to potentially permanent damage. Call our office today and book an appointment.

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