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Athlete’s Foot in Lakeland

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Athlete's foot in Lakeland
Athlete’s foot in Lakeland

Caused by fungus, athlete’s foot in Lakeland is easily transmittable between people. You can contract it from walking barefoot in communal showers or in locker rooms, as well as from infected towels or other items. Fungus breeds and flourishes in moist and warm environments. Here at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, our podiatrist is an expert at the diagnosis and treatment of this infection.

Some of the more common symptoms that are associated with athlete’s foot in Lakeland are when the skin on your foot cracks, peels, or shows signs of scaling; reddening or blistering; and itchiness or a burning sensation. It is also possible to have no signs at all and no discomfort. The diagnosis of this condition is typically quite simple. Our podiatrist will probably be able to make the determination with a simple visual inspection of your foot. A skin sample may be taken for analysis if there is something unusual that is noticed or if you have had problems with previous cases of athlete’s foot in Lakeland and you have not gotten the desired results from treatment. Skin biopsies are usually not required. Treatment can vary based on factors such as how severe your symptoms are, but the most often used method is anti-fungal medicine that are applied topically or in some cases taken orally (usually for more difficult cases). A prescription strength version might be needed if your infection is more severe or if non-prescription medication did not yield the necessary outcome. Recurrences of the infection can occur, but with some simple precautions, including keeping your feet dry and avoiding places and items that are likely to carry it, you can put the odds in your favor.

It is important to receive an evaluation and treatment as fungal infections can easily spread and become worse. Don’t delay. Contact our office to arrange an examination by our podiatrist.

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